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Our Vision - "To deliver GNU/Linux based network management services and solutions to the business enterprise."

Incorporated in Mumbai, The Argon Company brings to the market services and solutions that have the primary goal of enabling an organization to effectively deploy IT at its workplace.

Our flagship offering is The Argon Service – a suite of cost-effective network management and connectivity services. This is supported by Custom Services (for custom network solutions), Syzigy (Web site creation and Design services) and TAC-Applications (basic tools for the enterprise network).

A core group of 20 people, our team comprises a multi-faceted mix of GNU/Linux developers, technical engineers and network specialists, a Sales and Marketing team, graphic designers and writers, ably supported by our Finance and Operations personnel.

Our diverse skills set ensures that we meet our objective of giving due consideration to both, the function and the form of any deliverable. As an enterprise, our work is defined by established systems and processes; our working model is cohesive – we believe a robust network and e-mail connectivity together ensure an effective service model.

Our business model is not tied to any hardware sale, which renders our advisory services unbiased and therefore able to evolve as quickly as advances in the IT world. Our team is continually working towards anticipating the next critical connectivity application, and developing the requisite service and software to meet this need.

Our Software Philosophy

As an organization, The Argon Company promotes and endorses the Open Source philosophy. We believe that Open Source and “free� software is stable, efficient and cost-effective, and we deploy Open Source software within our enterprise, at both the Server and Desktop level. Our services and applications are developed for deployment only on GNU/Linux servers. These services work with any Desktop (with any Operating System).

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